Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Jog day, today, Again!

A new day...Had my multivitamin and calcium tablet the previous evening...Now will have it daily as i do not want any vitamin deficiency due to lesser cal intake..My knee pain is much better but had severe stomach cramps due to monthly periods (it was delayed by 10 days), so skipped Jogging today..

Got up at 7.30 am, got the breakfast ready, packed my kids tiffin for the school and got myself ready for the office.. I wasn't feeling hungry at all nor sluggish doing all these things as i had not had proper dinner the previous night..

I did not eat breakfast as it was mooli ka paratha with loads of ghee which i didn't want to have..so instead i packed watermelon to have in the office as a morning snack and one mixed beans /sprouts with fenugreek sauted in olive oil and one salad box for lunch along with buttermilk..

I earlier used to have, as sson as i got up, one glass of hot water with lemon and honey..i read it is kind of a detox and good for weight loss..but somehow i felt it only increased my acidity and gave me joint pains..so i discontinued it.. It is just what changes i observed in my body when is started having it..

So what i had today (pretty obvious from above, i know!):

Breakfast : diced watermelon (50cals) and Green tea
Lunch: Buttermilk (62 cals), Mixed beans /sprouts/fenugreek sauted in Olive oil (230 cal), Carrot and tomato salad (31 cals)

(will update further post lunch)

[update for Dinner: I had Pav bhaji (340 cal) with 2 pav and half the bhaji  for dinner..i was feeling sad and maybe that's why went in to emotional binging..I was sad because i had a fight with my hubby...may be it was due to PMS that i had my mood swings and got in to quarrel over a very petty issue with my hubby..so i went to sleep first without having anything and even cancelled my evening walk too...but somewhere around midnight , i felt too hungry and got up to see if there's something to eat. In the fridge i saw the pav bhaji which my hubby has got since i skipped making dinner due to the fight..(BAD! i knw). I would never ever skip making dinner as i know my hubby would get some junk from outside with loads of calories and it would get me tempted..so whatever happens, no skipping of dinner making hencforth..

So my in all calories for the day: 713 cal..(yes exeeded my daily intake of 664 cal but still not bad!)

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