Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Day and a New beginning!

A new day gain! Got up at 6.15 am instead of 5.45 am. My alarm kept buzzing and i kept it snoozing till somehow i did get up..My knee still hurts so could not jog today, only walking for an hour..i will be starting to take multivitamin capsules from today (one each in morning and evening), these counting calories are bit tiresome and has left me feeling bit sluggish.. but iam really liking the results so iw ill continue.. its not that bad..

One thing would want to share, read the Mumbai mirror today and thay had an article on Kareena Kapoor and how to get her Chammak Challo body..she is one Bollywood actress who's got the perfect body and the is so amazing to see her ransform from a chubby kapoor girl to the one with an enviable figure...(i would be lying if i say i dont want a hot body like hers..almost all women, any age may be, def would want a body like hers..). so this article was all about what she eats and what she does to keep her body fit and fab..i read word by word and she wall all praises to YOGA and completely no dieting for her.. everything can be eaten but in limits is her mantra....

I am actually pretty upset for not getting to Jog as i dont wanna take any  chance which will affect my goal plan...

So coming to what i had today..

Morning breakfast: Mooli paratha (1, 100 cal)

Lunch:  Mooli paratha (1, 100 cal) with mixed beans/lentils vegetable (50 cal - This is iam just guessing as i ahd only two spoons), Buttermilk (62 cal), spinach salad (50 cal)..

(will furthur update this post after dinner later in evening..)

[update for dinner: had few slices of Pineapple (80 cals) which i had bought on my way home from office..

In all my total cal content for the day : 442 cal (ONLY!)..i cant believe it..i managed to have only 442 cals in a day..(i will also add up +50 cals unaccounted for, but still the count is low...).. No wonder i hit the bed early yest..was feeling too tired and slept on the sofa while watching TV..

In evening i went for a walk but only for 15 mins. Some strange incident happened.. The park i usually stroll does not have a proper lighting and many urchins and perverts do come for passing on their time..It is actually not safe to have a walk when its dark which now being winter is generally before 7.00 pm..

I  was having my usual walk and saw one pervert behaving strangely..he was removing his clothes and later he unzipped his pants and started pissing in the open ground..i looked here and there to see if there are any others who are watching this..but there were only few elderly people almost oblivious of good thing was, just a few moments back, two policemen strolled the area to keep a check around as a part of their routine i knew they must be hanging around i went near the gate and looked for the two police men..and as if god sent, they were walking towards me from the opposite park (The other park didn't have proper lighting too.)..i called out to them and narrated the incident..and they then took this pervert along with them..he was very drunk and was not even able to stand properly..

Thank god..he was was just pathetic and so scary for females to have a decent walk in the vicinity..females have to be extra careful while walking or exercising alone in a park as these are mostly inhabited by street urchins, drunkards and perverts many times..

In India, esp Mumbai there is seriously no good infrastructure for parks and they are just small spaces and that too seriously ignored...

(i am trying to keep a reserve of few cal (50 approx) always at the end of the day, if i miss out counting some few things i might taste while cooking etc.., like i just has some prasad eaten offered to me , cud not refuse it..but they were just a pinch size but would like to take in to account that i want only total 600 cals by end of the day..)

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