Sunday, October 9, 2011

Body Stats and Weight Loss Goal Plan

Again a  new day!  sad to admit, skipped my morning jog... got up at 8.00 (instead of 6.00 am) to get ready and go to office..Feeling guilty for this miss but i had an extremely painful legs and arms from the previous day evening walk of almost an hour and half. (i did mention in my earlier blog that i go out for an 30 mins evening walk but then i took a little longer yesterday, almost an hour and half!) had to sleep with the Volini gel and Relispray massaged all over my thighs and arms..(i swing my arms while walking, hence they ached too..)

Weighed myself yesterday i.e on Saturday 08.10.2011.. i weighed at 56.6 kgs which is an increase in 0.3 kgs from last week which was 56.3 kgs.

This was inevitable..i knew why it happened! i had indulged myself in to all those bengal malai sandwich sweets my bro-in-law got for us..i just could not resist eating that and also since it was a long weekend had also eaten home made chicken noodles and the ragda patties (potato patties) from the roadside bhaiyya (vendor)..god knows, what was i thinking to eat all this stuff and that too in a matter of two days was as if my weight loss plan did not exist..i need to be more serious now..i am trying to loose weight here..

Feeling so guilty and it showed in my weight..anyways..there's always a new day (i should not be always relying on the next day quote and over indulge myself!)..i will try to be more controlled..

Its almost 1 month (25 days precisely) i started exercising (out of which few days only were skipped!hmm thot to ponder..i cant beleive it myself!)..and have lost from 58.9 to 56.6kgs which makes it [.taking out my calculator..].. 2.3 kgs only in a months time which is not what i had planned..atleast not so slow..

I even skipped tracking my calorie on these three days which i downloaded on my mobile from ,  so i unable to track my over indulgence which i knew i did..but today i am writing dowm everything i eaten and tracking my calorie..(This site has an amazing collection of Indian food calories too, which i had been searching since long..)

Snapshot of my stats (i just got myself a free body evaluation and these are the results..)

The weight mentioned here is 56.2 kgs (since it was just immediately after the jog..)

My current BMI is: 24.3 from above data which concludes iam overweight (BMI range of 23.1 to 25.0).

Normal BMI range is 20.1 - 23.0 which means i have to way atleast 53.0 kgs to fall in the normal BMI range (which is almost 3 kgs ligheter from my current weight and my immediate goal plan for the month). I am trying  to achieve this weight (more appropriately, lose 3 kgs) by 31st Oct 011 which gives me exact 22 days to achieve my target (not a fairly bad goal if i stick to my routine and eat minimal calories as reqd..) I am trying to keep smaller goals here which are achievable and based on my judgement on how much i will be able to loose max in a week time..(i usually lose 1.0-1.5 kgs per week with diet and exercise included..).i still cannot figure out how others can claim to loose so many pounds in just a week will have to kill yourself for it literally..but iam taking it a bit slow but sustainable weight loss..i am working too so i need to have my energy and cant afford to look lethargic and tired in office if i skip meals...

Let me give details of my goal break up and the tools iam currently using.: (i will weigh myself weekly and update the result..):

BMI calculator:

Current weight as on 08.10.2011 : 56.6 kgs or 124.5 pounds
Current BMI:  24.31

As per the calorie estimate to lose two pounds per week, i have to consume no more than 664 calories.(which i know is way too less...but i am trying to stick to it!)

Also many calculators give different estimates and many say that one should not consume less than 1200 cal per i am trying to fit in my calories in between 664 and 1200 as far as possible..

Goal weight for 15th Oct 2011: 55.5 kgs (BMI: 23.81)

Goal weight for 22nd Oct 2011: 54.0 kgs (BMI: 23.37)

Goal weight for 29th Oct 2011: 53.0 kgs (BMI:  22.94)

(..and i will achieve my target for this month..God! i need your encouragement, motivation and support to achieve give that to me in abundance..)

and finally my ideal weight loss goal is: 50 kgs (110 pounds) and i will maintain this weight throughout...

Many must be wondering that i have only further 6 kgs to loose and  no bid deal about it..but its these small ignorance's and bad lifestyle habits which have made me pile on kilos and even 56 kgs is quite a heavy frame for me given my height of 5 feet...i have always been 47-50 kgs before marriage and i want to be the same..

Many even tell me, you are proper weight now, do not lose further but i just tend to listen and ignore and i am very clear what their thinking of a healthy body is which i do not seem to agree...(for me there is nothing even called pleasantly is just the other way to mask your growing fattiness)...

so its time for what i had today..

Early morning: Hot lemon and honey water (71 cal)
Morning breakfast: Green Tea (0 cal) , Neer dosa (2, 160 cal) with coconut chutney (70 cal) (Gosh, i saw after eating that a single neerdosa had 80 calories...i literally consumed 50% of the day's calories in morning itself..)
Lunch: Buttermilk (62 cal), Spinach tomato bhaji (200 cal) and phulka w/o ghee (51 cal)

(will edit and update further after dinner..)

[update for Dinner i had at 6.00 p.m]

Neerdosa (1, 80 cal), Indian chicken curry (100 cal), coconut chutney (70cal)

[Then went for a 30 mins walk. came back and had watermelon (1 cup, 50 cal). 
later in the night felt a lil hungry with all the working and cleaning so had 1 fibre biscuit (30 cal) and then went off to sleep..]

so in all my calorie consumption for the day was:  944 cals (does not seem so bad!)

My daily calorie consumption for weight maintenance is: 1691 cal. which makes it 747 cals less. (have read that 500 cals less per day causes a deficit of 3500 cals per week to loose 1 pound of fat).

all your suggestion, comments and tips are welcome..if anybody would like to join me in this journey, that's BEST! ...

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