Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New day_still upset

A new day and a new start..i went for jogging. i jogged for around 15 mins and rest of the hour i had a walk..i need to increase my jogging time but the hip and knee pain is still felt although this week i am getting a bit relaxed over jog but will continue my walk for the time being..

Was still upset over the fight i had with my hubby (My PMS is to be blamed..i really get mood swings then..i get too senti..). After coming back, got myself ready and went to office..

In office too, the day was a bit hectic (not work wise). There was a different chaos going on here..let me not get deep in to it..i right now do not want to divert my focus on other petty issues which will affect my workout and my main goal of loosing weigh as yesterday i skipped my walk due to the time it would never happen...i will always try to prioritize my work-outs as far as possible..

So what i had today:

Breakfast of Watermelon. Had two cups of diced one's instead of one today..feeling very dehydrated ..(so thats, 92 cals.

Lunch was: pineapple and tomato salad (85 cal), two phulkas (120 cal), fenugreek sauted in olive oil (79 cal) and a glass of Buttermilk (62cal)

evening snack: watermelon 1/2 cup (leftover from breakfast) (46 cals)

(will update for dinner, should not exceed 180 cals for dinner..Not let me see if that's possible..tough..)

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