Thursday, October 6, 2011

first note...welcome to the blog_little changes i did

This is my first post to the blog...and somewhere during writing this, i truly feel that this blog should be what it is supposed to be...for me.. from being Fat to true and honest account of my weight loss journey...somewhere during i will post pics iam feeling bit awkward with my current weight..

i have chosen this auspicious day of Dassehra (Hindu Festival in India) to start with my blog..i have been toying to write this since long, but just cud not get myself to sit and type...iam too lazy and this has made me what iam today..a fat slob i guess..

To begin with, something about myself and my blog,

Iam a 5 feet tall working  woman in my early thirtees and almost 9-10 kgs overweight which is 58.9 kgs..

I have a 9-6 job which is completely sedentary and may be i get up only to go to canteen or to the loo..

Before i was married i weighed47 kgs sometimes going max up yo 50 kgs but it was manageable..never went anytime above that..

The weight stated rising after i had a baby (common post pregnany problem u may say!) but i donot blame my pregnany for this at all..the culprit lifestyle..Its a purely lifestyle problem..admit it you all..

I tried many fad diets but nothing worked for me..i even went to the extreme of straving myself only to feel lethargic and grumpy and cud not afford that when iam a working ..i need the energy to work in office ..

My weight gain has compeltely disturbed me and it sometimes even shows in my behavious and i get very  finicky and irritated and my poor hubby has to take the brunt.. (My hubby is a good 7 years elder to me and well he is a very slim and fit guy in late thirties for his age and just perfect weight..that makes me feel more bad!)

Being working, i always excused myself with having no time to exercise and always thot if i was a SATM i would have def cared about myself..(but i was so wrong was jsut about priorities and proper planning)

I always only thot about loosing weight and actually did nothing for it...i was not able to gather that self motivation to do something  .....until i was seriuosly shaken up one day to take this upon myself which really triggered to start my weight loss problem....

A  familiar girl staying in neighbourhood..probably lady in her twenties usually adresses my husband as bhaiyya (brother) and was chatting with him..and on that day i too joined in the conversation and she literally adressed me as AUNTY...can u imagine..AUNTY! my god! what was she thinking ??? i was like..should i ignore this? is she mad? ..this girl probably must  be only few years younger to me and she was calling me Aunty and my husband Bhaiyya (brother) and that irritated me more (did i tell you earlier my hubby is goos seven years elder to me..?) i did not say anything but felt reallly bad and blamed my weight for it..and anyways  this wasn't the first time,..many times even other people few years younger  to me do refer to me as aunty which has literally put me to the brink..of non tolerance..(Oh i  hate this Indian habbit of referring to just anyone uncle or aunty, one thot it is good here parents teach their children to refer the elders as uncle or aunt but they should also have sense to teach them when and which person should be adressed like this...ridiciulous! sometimes we indians are.. just ridiculous! ..)

This incident compeletly triggered me to take my wieght loss seriously and write my daily dairy...which is to blog....but since i knew myself very well, i donot take any task for long and leave it midway..i decided to get up early and start exercising two weeks if iam still doing it..i will start blogging..

so here iam ..almost more than two weeks of serious exercising and diet control (started from mid september) ..managed to loose 2.5 kgs..So iam writing my blog 2.5 kgs lighter at 56.2 kgs happy i have stuck to the routine..

So what changes i made in these 15 days and got myslef 2.5 kgs ligher and will follow:

1) getting up early in the morning at 6.00 am and going for a jog (there is a joggers park near vicinity where i go..) for an hour..and come back by 7-7.30 as i have to get my kid ready for school and i have to rush to office

2) Tea substituted with green tea
3) Lunch box is now one box of salads, one box for greens like cooked spinach or methi/fenugreek  or any lentils and chapati (occasionally). Sometimes i skip chapati. A glss of buttermilk as morning snack so i dont fill myself during lunch. evening snack is orange or apple..

4) I come back at 6.00 from office post that at 6.30 i leave for a walk at the nearby park for about an hour..

5) comeback by 7-7.15 pm and work on getting dinner ready.. i donot have any special diet meals but whatever i cook for other i have the same but the only difference is half the portion i used to have earlier..i do sometimes overindulge during particular occasions and feel guilty later so iam working on my will power..

6) i have started counting my calories and am maintaining a calorie tracker in my mobile appln and jot down everything i eat and try to not exceed the weight loss goal calorie..

Ok to go for my join me in my journey and will keep everyone updated about my progres...yes i want it to be a progress and a success...

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